Get Certified As A Barkan Method Hot Yoga Teacher

1. Earn your 200 Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Certificate.

2. Earn an advanced 300 Hour Certificate & receive 500 Hour Yoga Teacher status.

3. Already a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher? Gain life-time access to all The Barkan Method Teaching Video Modules.

 P.S. Not a Yoga Teacher but passionate about deepening your practice and understanding of Yoga? This course is still for you. Enroll without being tested or certified.


Welcome to the Hot Yoga Teacher Training Immersion!

Please note: only 3 spots available in September!

This unique program enables you to become a certified Barkan Method Hot Yoga Teacher in just 5-6 hours per week over 8 weeks!

It is fully remote with all tutorials provided online and with direct guidance from Jimmy in live weekly group calls, which means you can take this course no matter where you are in the world, in the comfort of your own home and at times that suit you.

You also get lifetime access to the course content so that you can refer to it at any time!

So are you ready to deepen your understanding of hot yoga, take your practice to the next level, find your authentic voice & transform your life by becoming a Barkan Method Hot Yoga teacher? 

Let's get started! 

"Jimmy I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for choosing your teacher training!

In the 10 years since, I have learned I could not have made a better choice. You developed not only an excellent practice, but really teach us how to teach. I get so much positive feedback from my students and am often told that I am the best teacher they have ever had - and I attribute that greatly to you! It is the Barkan Method and your emphasis on teaching that really set me up for success to thrive in this field. Thank you so much."

- Ann Marie, Iceland

When you join this program you get to take advantage of Jimmy’s forty-years experience in Hot Yoga!

Jimmy Barkan was a pioneer in the Yoga industry. He opened his first Yoga studio in 1983 and soon became Bikram Yoga’s most senior teacher. In 2002 Jimmy created his own style and approach simply called: The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga.

Jimmy has certified over two thousand teachers all over the world and continues to hold Yoga trainings in Australia, Switzerland, Japan, Hungary, Costa Rica, Iceland, Canada and across the United States.

Gain lifetime access to our 200-300-500 Hour Teacher Training, a comprehensive study on this six-thousand-year-old subject!

"The Barkan Method teacher training is excellent, and I'm so glad I took the plunge. Jimmy is kind and generous with his time and expertise, and the training is full of from-the-heart instruction."

He encourages you to find your own voice and carefully coaches you to develop your individual style. I opted for the online training, as the timing of it fit much better into my life while working full time. The tutorial videos for each posture are gold, and I appreciated being able to go back and watch them again and again. I will certainly be taking advantage of the lifetime access as my teaching career progresses. The website and system to submit homework and review feedback is easy to use. The weekly live sessions were great - so informative and it was nice to connect with others in the program, especially those at different stages in the training and in their teaching. At the end, I felt prepared to teach my first class, and it went great.

- Vita, USA


Barkan Hot Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program

An 8-week on-demand guided certification program for people who want to get certified in the Barkan Method of Hot Yoga.

It is a fully online programme, including video tutorials and weekly live online coaching calls with Jimmy Barkan for Q&A and personal guidance.

The course is delivered over 8 weeks, and takes just 5-6 hours per week to get fully certified! (You'll have up to 12 weeks to complete the course if needed)

You also get a bonus additional certification to teach The Barkan Method Hot Vinyasa Class so you can offer even more to your students.



Please note: only 3 spots available for September!

What you will get when you join this course:

A 200 Hour and/or 300 Hour Certification from The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga. Achieving 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Status.

Live weekly coaching calls with Jimmy Barkan so that you be directly coached by him and he can answer any questions you have.

Additional certification to teach The Barkan Hot Vinyasa Class so you can offer even more to your students.

Lifetime access to all the recorded Video Tutorials, Power Points, Training Manuals, Guides and other comprehensive resources.

Join with all the other course members in our exclusive Facebook Group and be part of a thriving community of successful yoga teachers.

Join a network of Barkan Teachers from all over the world - Japan, Thailand, Australia, Switzerland, Hungary, Peru, Finland Iceland & the USA to name a few.

What YOU will Learn:

  • Modifications and amplifications to every pose in The Barkan Method Sequence.
  • The History of Yoga from the very beginning to present day!
  • Over six-hours of anatomy session designed specifically for Hot Yoga!
  • Learn Beginner- Advanced Meditation Techniques from our Lineage in India (from Babaji to Yogananda)

"Having the opportunity to undertake this training has impacted my teaching not only as a yoga teacher but also as a college professor.

The emphasis on finding an authentic voice and when to transition to conversational tone was a rewarding aspect of the tutorials that I plane to continue to refine and deeply cherish.

Anyone seeking a deeper knowledge of the history and the spiritual aspects of the practice will discover that this course opens avenues of exploration and depth that nourish the mind, body, and spirit."

- Kristalyn, USA

Jimmy will coach you personally and help you find your authentic voice.

The National Institute of Mental Health states fear of public speaking is the most common phobia ahead of death, spiders, or heights and affects about 73% of the population. Teaching Yoga can be very intimidating, people tend to hide behind the instructions and not let their own personality shine through. My expertise having taught Yoga since 1981 across the world is to help find your own unique authentic voice. To help get over being self-conscious and insecure. I received my Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from New York University and continue to pursue my original dream singing and performing across South Florida. My extensive experience teaching Yoga along with performing on stage helps direct Yoga teachers to become the best version of themselves.

“I love your classes! You are so passionate and it comes through in every class. I have to credit you for that Jimmy“

Being naturally shy myself, I don’t know what my teaching would look like or where I’d be without your encouragement to find my own voice, be myself and not copy someone else. It has been fundamental to the way I teach - And has found its way into all other aspects of my life with my confidence in my communicating in public, for work and at home; and the service projects I do at church and in the community.

Reader: the online training and classes are something I refer to weekly, if not daily, to learn and continue to learn key aspects of teaching and alignment/modification from Jimmy. Love and gratitude for all your teachings - and sharing YOUR passion.

- Jo, USA

What are the Benefits

Be coached directly by world-renowned Yoga teacher
Jimmy Barkan

Jimmy will help you find your unique authentic voice.

Reach new levels of flexibility, strength and stamina

Take your teaching to a new level of professionalism

Join Jimmy on a spiritual journey exploring advanced meditation techniques

"I was absolutely thrilled to be able to participate online with Jimmy for my 300-hour teacher training and this course enabled me to do the training from the comfort of my home and the weekly group meetings were super efficient and helpful.

I loved so many things about the training -especially the sessions on “Finding Your Voice “ and when Jimmy would help us see how to improve postures. I am so happy to have participated in this program! I have so many tools to incorporate into all of my classes as a teacher. I feel more confident teaching postures to all levels even if I cannot do them myself."

- Jennifer, USA

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Please note: only 3 spots available for September!