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300-500 Hour Teacher Training

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Welcome to the Hot Yoga Immersion!

Take advantage of Jimmy Barkan’s forty-years experience in Hot Yoga!

Jimmy Barkan was a pioneer in the Yoga industry. He opened his first Yoga studio in 1983 and soon became Bikram Yoga’s most senior teacher. In 2002 Jimmy created his own style and approach simply called: The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga.

Jimmy has certified over two thousand teachers all over the world and continues to hold Yoga trainings in Australia, Switzerland, Japan, Hungary, Costa Rica, Iceland, Canada and across the United States.

Gain lifetime access to our 200-300-500 Hour Teacher Training, a comprehensive study on this six-thousand-year-old subject!

What are the benefits:

Be coached directly by world-renowned Yoga teacher
Jimmy Barkan

Become a 200-300-500 Hour Teacher Training Registered Yoga Teacher

Reach new levels of flexibility, strength and stamina

Take your teaching to a new level of professionalism

Join Jimmy on a spiritual journey exploring advanced meditation techniques

What YOU will Learn:

  • The History of Yoga from the very beginning to present day!
  • Learn Beginner- Advanced Meditation Techniques from our Lineage in India (from Babaji to Yogananda)
  • Jimmy will coach you personally and help you find your authentic voice.
  • Modifications and amplifications to every pose in The Barkan Method Vinyasa Sequence.
  • Over six-hour anatomy session designed specifically for Hot Yoga!
  • Live weekly Webinars with Jimmy Barkan.
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook Group.
  • Join a Network of Barkan Teachers from all over the world!

What YOU will Earn:

A 200-300 Hour Certification from The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga. Achieving 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Status
Certification to teach The Barkan Hot Vinyasa Class
Lifetime access to all the recorded Video Tutorials – Power Points – PDF Manuals.


I taught my first class after the summer holiday last Saturday. It was the best I’ve ever done. I was relaxed and confident, I felt that I knew exactly what to do. I really have you and your teacher training to thank, something happened to my self-confidence in this training and good things started to happen. I got a new job, one I earlier just could dream about, starting next Tuesday. It is a big thing for me! So I can say that this teacher training changed my life, thank you🙏😊

- Tina, Finland

Having the opportunity to undertake this training has impacted my teaching not only as a yoga teacher but also as a college professor. The emphasis on finding an authentic voice and when to transition to conversational tone was a rewarding aspect of the tutorials that I plane to continue to refine and deeply cherish. Anyone seeking a deeper knowledge of the history and the spiritual aspects of the practice will discover that this course opens avenues of exploration and depth that nourish the mind, body, and spirit

- Kristalyn, USA

What is there to say that has not been said already about Jimmy Barkan? He is an inspiring, supportive and generous mentor; his passion, experience, wisdom and knowledge permeate every single session and class, even online. Though we all sure miss in -person participation, I can honestly say that online and live streaming sessions have allowed me to learn from the best: there is no way I could have afforded the time and money to travel to Florida for all these teacher trainings And how about the opportunity to take live stream or recorded classes with the Master himself? Luxury. I can only sing the praise of Jimmy Barkan and recommend his teacher training course wholeheartedly

- Melania, Switzerland

This course was a great inspiration to improve my yoga teaching and go deeper into the history of yoga. The structure and content are very well-conceived so that each week builds on the one before and prepares for the next. Jimmy is very talented and knowledgeable, while he is able to bring lightness and fun to the class. I feel now better equipped to accompany my students and more passionate than ever to share the joy of yoga!

- Alexia, Switzerland

I was absolutely thrilled to be able to participate online with Jimmy for my 300-hour teacher training. I am at a point in my life with my family where travel is tough. This course enabled me to do the training from the comfort of my home. The weekly group meetings were super efficient and helpful. I did a lot of self-study and self-practice. I loved so many things about the training! If I had to choose my two favorite parts it would be the sessions on “Finding Your Voice “and when Jimmy would help us see how to improve postures. I am so happy to have participated in this program! I have so many tools to incorporate into all of my classes as a teacher. I feel more confident teaching postures to all levels even if I cannot do them myself

- Jennifer, USA

Jimmy Barkan is a wealth of knowledge. During his trainings, you'll not only learn the ins and outs of postures, alignment, history, and meditation, but you'll also learn how to cue and find your authentic voice. He uses his singing and acting background to teach you HOW to teach, so you will feel confident and genuine teaching his sequence. He is down to earth and approachable while being an expert in his field. Highly recommend

- Julia, USA

The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga was an amazing and comprehensive experience. I would highly recommend it. Not only did it provide a solid basis for learning all of the poses and anatomy, but I came away with a great understanding and respect for the history of Hot Yoga. In conclusion, I would recommend this training to anyone serious about learning and/or teaching Hot Yoga

- Lori, USA

Jimmy Barkan’s Barkan Method Hot Yoga Teacher Training was comprehensive and challenging in teaching techniques for sequencing, cueing proper alignment, and modifications. He shared with us the importance of learning and understanding the history, philosophy, and spiritual aspects of our lineage. I highly recommend this training to anyone looking to deepen their practice!

- Wendy, USA

One of the BEST decisions in my life to take teacher training programs with Jimmy Barkan. Receiving a Barkan Certificate is like having a diploma from one of the best yoga schools. If i started again i would choose him- that is no question

- Zita, Hungary

Jimmy Barkan is the best yoga guru I could have ever chosen to practice under and learn from. Jimmy goes over and beyond to prepare all of his students to become the best yoga teachers possible. I was confident and ready for studio classes right when I graduated. He covers asanas, history, anatomy, Sanskrit, and so much more. I thank him for everything I learned and will love him forever for that

-Kari, USA

Yes you get the physical benefits of the practice of asanas, developing strength, flexibility, mobility, and you receive many opportunities to understand the importance of individual body alignement. But during the yoga teacher training with Jimmy Barkan you also get the chance to recognize more the historical reasons behind the practice of yoga. And this brings our teaching to another level, realizing that we are not only physical, our practice benefits the mind, and our spirit and leads us towards connection. Thank you Jimmy for passing on your knowledge of the inheritage of our practice of hatha yoga. This strong bound, throughout generations, as when Yogananda was sent to the West by Babaji to teach the benefits of Kriya yoga, inspires me even more to keep teaching my yoga classes in a knowledgeable and respectful manner, honoring the lineage to whom I now feel I belong.

- Kate, Switzerland

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